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morning. >>> the news edge on maryland now where a uncle tried so hard to save his nephew from drowning he gave his own life. fox 5's maureen umeh live in the newsroom. she's been working the story all day long. >> reporter: brian, the homeowner was in his front yard power washing and had no idea anything was going on in his backyard pool until emergency crews came rushing to the scene to help to drowning victims. prince george's county police say the 12-year-old nephew and his siblings were visiting their uncle's home. on thursday afternoon the boy pushed a metal garbage can against the fence and hopped over. he apparently went into the deep end of the pool and never came back up. siblings alerted adults and when the 59-year-old uncle hopped over the fence and into the pool to help save his nephew, he became a victim too. >> his good hearted nature, he would do that. i think he would go to all lengths as you very well see. >> it's our job to make rescues. when you're faced with that situation, especially dealing with a very young life and a tragic incident often as this, it does take a to
big story tonight at 11:00. day two of being left high and dry for nearly two million maryland residents. mandatory water bans still in effect tonight as emergency repairs continue on a faulty water main in potomac. fox 5's jennifer davis has those details. >> reporter: wssc says it will have people out here around the clockworking till this pipe is both drained and repaired but they say until that happens it is really important that customers out there restrict their water usage so that firefighters, hospitals and anyone would really need it is will have it. they say right now people are not cutting back enough. the problem is a weakened section of a 96-inch water main. they are asking all its customers to reduce their water usage by about a third t so far usessage has only declined less than 10%. the pool manager says they're doing their part. they held off filling the pool much longer than usual and wssc says everyone can do a little bit. >> no watering outside. no watering your lawns. don't wash your car. no topping off a swimming pool. inside your house folks can definitel
" in maryland. a double murder. six weeks later another double murder. the victims two sets of mothers and daughters. now investigators may have cracked both cases with one suspected killer. wisdom martin is live with details. >> reporter: sources tell fox 5 they believe the same person is responsible for all four murders and a person of interest is likely to be indicted in one of the cases very soon. karen lofton and her daughter were shot and killed in their home last january. six weeks later deadly force dewitt and her 19-year-old daughter ebony were found in the trunk of a burning car in largo. both women were moms in their 40s who worked as nurses. both had teenage daughters and lived within a mile of each other. sources tell us that it is likely an indictment will be handed up in the dewitt case. the same man is a person of interest in the lofton case. he is in his 20s and already in jail on other charges. >> i think there is a good xhans that they are linked. >> we've been waiting on it all this time. this is a vicious senseless crime that took two beautiful people away that did
. >>> here in maryland now, a maryland police department investigating their own after allegations of excessive force during arrests. two hyattsville police officers are suspended. fox 5's maureen umeh is live in the newsroom with the edge on why their boss is so worried. >> reporter: these allegations have certainly put the officers' reputations on the line but hyattsville police chief says they also could make questions of integrity, bring that to light but the entire police department. two separate incidents two separate officers, both in trouble for crossing the line accused of using excessive force during arrests. >> we were taking them seriously. they're being formally investigated. >> reporter: one ever the incidents happened back in march along the 2900 block of hamilton street in hyattsville. officer trevor hodges was alleged to have used excessive force while arresting a subject. the other incident happened on july 3 and involves corporal steven bockard. he too was accused of excessive force in making an arrest. in other cases other officers blew the whistle. >> it's our
to safety. >>> a maryland woman is among the storm's victims. one minute michelle humanick was driving through college park. the next this beloved mother and wife was dead, killed instantly when a tree land on her van crushing her. both parker shows us her life and her death. >> reporter: just look at a picture of michelle humanick, and you get a sense of how happy she was. those lucky enough to have known her can tell you much more. >> we talk about our kids, and -- and that's what i remember about her, is how kind she was, and how generous, and how active she was in her community. >> reporter: it was in that community college park where humanick died yesterday, when the storm roared through a tree fell on her van. >> i was very shocked, along with the rest of our neighborhood, to find out what happened. because it's very senseless. and very tragic. but i hope that everyone comes together and lets her children and her husband know how much, you know, how much we respected and valued her, and you know, and family was the center of her life. >> reporter: neighbors shirley and la reel mo
has a college degree from the university of maryland university college and for years worked as a clerk at u.p.s. and tonight, his coworkers are speaking out about the man they call a quiet worker. >> as far as him killing people, that was a total shock. >> reporter: this person who wanted to remain anonymous said for years they worked side-by- side with accused killer jason scott. >> he didn't talk to too many people. he did kind of keep to hill. >> reporter: he worked in this u.p.s. building in the warehouse and recorded the labels on the package -- corrected the labels on the packages. >> he was never anyone to cause problems. if you asked him to do something, he did it: he was extremely fast at typing. >> uh-huh. >> and he was really -- as far as employees g he was pretty good. >> reporter: prince georges county police chief thinks these indictments are just the beginning. >> i hope that with the arrest and this bad, very dangerous individual, that other witnesses will come forward and assist us in collaborating and closing the other cases. >> reporter: investigators say
in maryland along with three young friends. he drove the girls to annapolis, gave them drinks and marijuana and later had sex with the 13-yard. police say one of her friends texted a relative who called 911. police moved in and found mason with the four girls. >> it's a deplorable crime. our advice to parents is know what your children are doing. monitor websites. know what sites they're visiting because unfortunately some of the negative aspects of social media are a situation like this. >> mason faces numerous charges including second degree rape. investigators say two other adults were in the annapolis home when the young girls were there. >>> investigators believe a deadly shooting in silver spring was actually a tragic accident. 20-year-old joseph kennedy died inside a home last night on darrows street. investigators found him with a gunshot wound to the head. a 21-year-old man dropped a shotgun which went off and hit kennedy. the man with the gun stayed on the scene for police to arrive. >>> a second body pulled from the delaware river today following that duck boat disaster in philly
a. police officers in a small maryland city say their careers were ruined after they reported corruption inside the department. it happened in new carrollton in prince george's county and now they have filed a lawsuit. fox 5's maureen umeh is here with our news edge exclusive. >> reporter: will, the former new carrollton police officers say they thought they did the right thing by coming forward with information about alleged illegal activity inside the police department. but they say instead of being producted rkt they ended up -- protected, they ended up losing their jobs and are now fighting to get their rep teagues back. when did you work for the new carrollton police department? >> in february 2008 for a year. >> reporter: a lifelong cop jeff hamilton says new carrollton recruited him to help its relatively young police department grow. >> i love police work. i love the integrity, the professionalism and the honor. a lot of it was lost. >> reporter: but he and three other former officers said there were problems inside the department good when you get called in the middle
to talk directly to the people who run the train system. amtrak's c.e.o., the maryland transportation secretary and the transportation chief spend the afternoon riding the train and listening to passengers. >> i understand things break down but when you don't seem to care, people tend to get very angry. >> reporter: this meet and greet session comes in the midst of a troubling period for marc trains. june 21 train 538 left union station on the way to baltimore but lost power near new carolton. passengers were stuck on board that train for more than two hours in 100-degree temperatures with no air, no open windows or doors, and no water. >> i just had sunlight pouring in heating me up. it was getting more and more uncomfortable as it went on. >> what took place that night should absolutely not have taken place. there's no excuse for that. >> reporter: then just yesterday another train heading to bwi marshall airport missed a scheduled stop in odenton. transportation secretary and transit chief were on board. they say among all the breakdowns, misstops and other problems, passengers say
of their childhood growing up. >> reporter: in maryland, jennifer davis, fox news. >>> the news keeps coming. here's brian bolter with the "news edge" at 11:00. >>> hot, hazy, humid, horrible. the four 4s, not the ones you have in mind for the start of the summer. come sunrise the heat wave will get its game face on. gary, how hot are we talking? >> reporter: extreme heat as we mentioned. we'll be right back up at 100 or so. wednesday i think it's going to be the most uncomfortable day and potentially the most dangerous day of the week too as the heat index values will rise up to 105 to 110 degrees. pretty much area wide. reagan national's high 91. dulles, 96. very mild overnight tonight. temperature in the city only 79 degrees. so we're going to start out fairly warm tomorrow morning and race up to 100. temperature right now has cooled down. we're down to 85 degrees. wouldn't you know it, 11:00 on a monday night. 85 degrees. the heat continues. we'll tell you when we're going to have a bit of a cool down coming up. >>> all this heat and nearly 2 million people can't water their launches. wsfc cre
arrested. >>> another big story we're following tonight. two maryland counties being told to shut off the water. a huge part of the state's population right now is stuck with serious water restrictions because of trouble in a water main. fox 5's bob barnard live in potomac with the story. bob? >> reporter: wssc is the utility, brian. it's nearly two -- its nearly two million customers here in montgomery and prince george's counties being told to conserve water. mandatory restrictions now in effect because of a potential leak in a massive water main right over there. they're working about ten feet below ground along tuckerman lane across the street from churchill high school in potomac trying to find out why an early warning system using fiber optic cable signaled trouble with a 41-year-old 96- inch water main. >> before the pipe ruptures, we know there's something wrong. we can shut it down before something happens, get in there and fix the problem. >> reporter: in the meantime water is being redirected to much smaller pipes requiring mandatory restrictions on nearly all forms of outd
. >>> number 1, you could beay at risk of identity theft. a maryland state employee posted the personal information from nearly 3,000 clients from the state's hearsay department online, everything from names to social security numbers were posted. they're sending them a letter offering a year of free credit checks. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5. >>> aon, do you think anybody's looking for aon as a child's name? do you know st. john is also on the list. >>> weather coming up next. >>> and a closer look at how ebook technology is changing the face of reading. we'll be right back. . >>> but before we go to break. ladies, if you're 31 years old, this is your year. a new report claims women are at their most beautiful at this age. icaty homes and jennifer love hewit are also confident, which makes them attractive.  katie holmes and jennifer love hewit are also confident, which makes them attractive. >> been building the future of reading. electronic book sales are soaring,, the nation's largest book seller are now outselling hardbacks. sherr
:00. >>> right off the top tonight, a prominent maryland artist known around the world now the victim of a senseless and violent murder. azin naimi disappeared in rockville. her body found monday in a d.c. alley. police say they have the killer but there are uneansed questions surrounding her death and tonight her peers are showing us -- unanswered questions surrounding her death and tonight her peers are showing us her work. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to figure out what led to the confrontation between the artist and her suspected killer, a man who worked around the corner from her and the why is something her friends and family are struggling with, too. azin naimi spent the past year working on a book about her friend and mentor renowned artist gregory stopco. she had spent hours at his studio and her sons were helping her work on her biography. >> they was a sweetheart. she adored my father. she was passionate about the old masters and their tech neegs and my -- techniques and my father knew all of those techniques and he taught those techniques. he recognized her
. >>> the news edge on maryland now and a murder case quickly closed. montgomery county police say a killer walked into their police station and actually confessed. his victim gunned down early this morning across the street from wheaton high school on randolph road. police were called when someone nearby heard the so thes. they found a handgun nearby. the suspect told police he knew the victim and they had an argument. >>> an explosion underground in northwest washington turned the morning rush into more trouble than usual here on connecticut avenue. the problem sent smoke pouring out of two manholes near 19th and r. the whole thing was caused by a burned out cable apparently. about 20 customers had no power until the cable was repaired. >>> right now at this moment bp is testing a new cap on that damaged oil well in the gulf. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> will, the government forced bp to wait worried pressure tests on the cap could produce new leaks. new leaks would make the ultimate solution much more difficult. but bp has closed the first of three valves on the cap. if this wo
tonight. >>> the news edge on maryland. a busy bank robber is on the move in prince george's county. police believe this man robbed six banks in largo and bowie since march. in each the robber posed as a customer, handed the teller a note demanding money. nobody was hurt at any of the scenes. >>> no power, no ac in this heat wave. thousands still have no electricity and some like this 67-year-old retiree had to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of frozen food. jesse graham ended up borrowing money from a friend to buy more. they had to replace several blocks of burnt out cables. >> four blocks underground, that's a lot of real estate. to find a problem, pull out the cable. then we pulled out the cable and found out we needed to reinforce that situation so we had to go back in and put in more cable. >> power outages affect people in the district, montgomery county and prince george's counties. the latest numbers pepco reporting more than 3600 people still without pow wire tonight. with no ac in the stifling heat, when can we expect a break from the heat wave? got a little bit of on
. back to you. >> the news edge on maryland. a man has been sentenced for 40 years in prison for attacking his girlfriend with a hammer. thomas smith surprised her in the hallway of her apartment building and beat her with a hammer. they had broken up the day before after a long relationship. >> i did for a split second just kind of, like, am i going to make it? am i going to die? because no one came to my aid initially. >> slade and smith's 5-year-old daughter saw her lying in a pool of blood. smith had been convicted seven days. >>> three more troops were killed today in afghanistan pushing the number of deaths up to 66 this month. that number surpasses the previous month's record of 60. a photographer filmed this video of a wounded u.s. soldier being air lifted to safety in the latest attack. >>> fireworks on the house floor over the 9/11 responder bill. two new york congressman going at it before last night's vote on a bill providing aid to people sickened by world trade center dust after the attacks. >> what we are doing tonight is a cruel hoax and a charade. the reality
13 in d.c., maryland and virginia. now in a cable television special malvo tells former actor william schatner that the infamous pair were supposed to be a posse. >> it was supposed to be three to four snipers with silence rifles and in this way you could do a lot more damage along the eastern seaboard. >> i don't think he had any accomplices other than john mohammed. it was two of them. they were peas in a pod. >> reporter: john mohammed is now dead executed by the commonwealth of virginia. prince william county prosecutor paul ebert presented the case that sent mohammed to death row. as for malvo. >> he's rotten to the core. i think he enjoys somewhat the publicity and being in the limelight. >> reporter: in the shows psychiatrist neil bloomberg claims malvo confessed to at least 42 killings in their sessions. >> for example, there was two in arizona, florida, texas, washington state, alabama, georgia. >> anybody that looked at these two and i'd be extremely surprised if there were 40 people that met their demise that we didn't know about. >> we want to think of a young guy as a mon
, maryland seventh. it's based on water quality and state monitoring effort. >>> your cell phones carries nearly 18 times more living bacteria than the toilet hand until a men's restroom. bacterialingers on the surface of cell phones and is easily passed on to others. clean it regularly with alcohol wipes. that's tonight's top five. . >>> we're looking at another round of storms tomorrow. i think a lot of people are gun shy from sunday. are we looking at the same thing here. >> i don't think so. sunday's storms were really violent, that's not to say some of the storms we see couldn't have some damaging winds inside them and maybe they're going to swing on through and not cause any problems. we are not at this point outlook for the possibility of severe storms but they're keeping an eye on our region. last sunday we did have a severe thunderstorm watch. if a watch goes up you'll know something could be changing. this is actually the first line of showers, and there were some thunderstorms and wind damage reported with these but nothing outrageous. this line will die out and another one wil
outdoor seating is empty. the long-time owner of kenny's barbecue on maryland avenue says his bottom line is suffering. >> because of the hot weather, business is down. people don't come out. >> reporter: just after 7:00 p.m. it's still 97 degrees outside. so that's what ice cream was made for. >>> a broken air conditioner forced the 150 residents after baltimore nursing home out. investigators are looking into reports the air conditioner broke down on saturday and the problem wasn't reported until a resident called 911 early tuesday morning. officers say temperatures soared to 90 degrees in that building while residents slept on cots in one room that still had ac. the company that manages the nursing home did not have an immediate comment. >>> a suspected serial killer called grim sleeper arrested decades aft murders began. up next how police say they tracked him down. >>> plus, the change that itunes is making after hundreds of customers' accounts were hacked. >>> a company says it has a way around airport luggage fees. when would it be worth your while? we'll break it down. the news ed
through it. >> reporter: that's easy to do when history is made at 5:04 a.m. in germantown, maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> people as far away as west virginia and pennsylvania say they felt the quake. while it is rare, maureen umeh joins us live to tell us why this may not be the last one you feel. maureen? >> reporter: yeah, laura. a lot of people scratching their heads asking since when do earth qairks happen around here -- earthquakes happen around here. turns out it's not uncommon. mike blanpied at usgs has had a very busy day. the epicenter of the earthquake was in gaithersburg but could be felt as far as 100 miles away. he says while earthquakes are not a frequent occurrence here, they do happen. we've had several in the 2 magnitude range but he says we could have a bigger one than the 3.6 quake felt today. he says people should be prepared and take precautions. >> if we do have another big shaker in this area, the advice that we always give is you drop, cover and hold on. drop to the floor. get underneath wherever a sturdy piece of furniture is nearby, a table, a desk and ju
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